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Good time of day, dear colleagues and just visitors to our site.

   I want to introduce the company Limited Liability Company "UTS REF-5" providing services and work on the certification of rescue and fire fighting equipment of vessels, drilling platforms and onshore facilities in the Far East of our huge country of Russia!

    The company "UTS REF-5" was founded in September 2000, as the successor of the training vessel "Refrigerator-5" (hence the name "UTS REF-5"). For all these years, the company has come a long way in expanding services and increasing the range of work provided. Training courses were conducted in Denmark, Norway, at the manufacturing plant of rescue equipment "VIKING", JSC "UZEMIK" and other specialized enterprises. Employees of the company have extensive knowledge and practical skills, are constantly being improved and improve their skills, thereby constantly maintaining a high level of competence in any matter. During this period, a company representing services and works only for vessels of the fishing and transport fleet has grown and expanded its services and works for their use and representation on the market for offshore projects of the Sakhalin Region. Almost from the beginning of work on the Sakhalin shelf, the company began to provide services and work. First, through larger companies, such as the Sakhalin-Shelf-Service Joint Venture LLC, which is the largest logistics company operating for offshore projects. In the future, the company "UTS REF-5" began to work on the provision of services "on line". This resulted from the duration of our company’s work, gaining prominence in the market, expansion of services, etc. But, realizing the importance of the first steps in this market, we remember with great gratitude our first intermediary partners.

   For a long period of work in the company "UTS REF-5" there was a cohesive team of experienced specialists, special equipment for carrying out work and services, and allows us to continue to work and provide services to our customers with good quality and in a short time.

   We are waiting for your calls, messages, orders. Our experts are always ready to advise you on the most difficult issues of our activity.

Regards and best wishes

Director of LLC "UTS REF-5" Kanunnikov Alexander Vasilyevich.

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